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Costco Food Court Menu & Prices in Canada – 2024

Costco Food Court Menu & Prices in Canada
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Costco’s food court is loved by shoppers, and not just because they get good offers on big purchases. The food court is famous and offers lots of meals. Many people come to eat fast, cheap fare here when they’re very hungry. In thus blog you can get the lates Costco Food Court Menu & Prices in Canada.

The food court at Costco has been a part of shopping for many years since when the store first started. The menu has changed over time, but giving members good food at low prices is always the main goal. At first, the food court only sold hot dogs and drinks. But now it has lots of different things to eat and people really like them.

Costco’s food court is well-known for its simple methods and low costs. The charm is in being cheap and having big portions, making it a favorite place for families, students or anyone who wants quick food that tastes good. This is especially useful after shopping all day.

Popular Meals

Costco Hot Dog: The usual hot dog made of beef, served in a soft roll with your favorite toppings. It’s a easy yet famous pick that is linked to the Costco food area fun.

Costco Hot Dog

Pizza Slice: Costco is famous for its huge pizza slices. They come with a crispy crust, yummy tomato sauce, lots of cheese and different toppings. The mix of good quality and big size makes everyone happy.

Costo Pizza Slice

Chicken Bake: People like the chicken bake a lot. It’s tasty food that puts together cooked chicken breast, bacon pieces with Caesar dressing and cheese named mozzarella all in golden brown shell.

Costo Chicken Bake

Costco’s Famous Berry Smoothie: A tasty and sweet snack made with real fruit and yogurt, great for cooling off after buying lots of things.

Costco's Famous Berry Smoothie

Signature Menu

Menu ItemPrice
All Beef hot dogCAN$ 1.5
Chicken strips and friesCAN$ 6.49
Seafood chowderCAN$ 4.99
Chicken wings 10 piecesCAN$ 6.99
Chicken wings 30 piecesCAN$ 19.99
Turkey & Provolone sandwichCAN$ 5.99


Menu ItemPrice
Pizza sliceCAN$ 2.19
18″ whole pizzaCAN$ 12.99


Menu ItemPrice
French friesCAN$ 2.79
PoutineCAN$ 2.79


Menu ItemPrice
PopCAN$ 0.79
CappuccinoCAN$ 1.99
Café Latte 1.99CAN$ 0

Ice cream Menu

Menu ItemPrice
VanillaCAN$ 2.29
ChocolateCAN$ 2.29
SundaeCAN$ 2.79

Tips for Foodies

Share and Sample: The pieces at the Costco food court are big. Try giving some of your food to friends or family, and taste different things with them so they can feel the many flavors too.

Customize Your Pizza: The normal pepperoni or cheese slices are tasty, but Costco lets you choose different toppings for your pizza. This makes it special just the way you like it.

Combo Deal: Use the special offers that often come with a cheap hot dog, pizza slice and drink.

Costco’s food court isn’t just a spot to get something fast; it is part of the Costco experience known for its yummy foods and low prices. If you’re shopping often or just getting a meal, the food court has options for all.

FAQ’s about Costco Food Court Menu & Prices in Canada 2024

Can people who aren’t members eat at the Costco food court?

Yes, the food court is open to both Costco members and non-members. This makes it a place where everyone can eat easily.

Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, cheese or vegetable pizza slices are often chosen by people who don’t eat meat. Moreover, the fruit smoothie is a cool non-meat choice.

Why does the hot dog cost so little?

Costco has kept the $1.50 hot dog and soda deal going because it’s a way to give its customers good value. It’s been a tradition for a long time and it shows the company’s promise to keep prices low.

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