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D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu & prices in Canada – 2024

D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu & prices in Canada
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The store, D. Spot Dessert Cafe, attracts people from all over for the irrefutable fact that it is the home of all sweet lovers and dessert enthusiasts! Teasers: Now get the gist of why they are famous , D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu & prices in Canada , their must try meals and other helping tips you’ll really benefit from your visit.

D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu & prices in Canada

D Spot – why is it so famous?

Unique and Creative Delights: D. Spots is not just a treat shop for ice creams and cupcakes, our product line and services are much diverse. These place is open all day long and is known for their really kooky creations that produce somehow familiar flavors in unusual way, so your sense of taste can make a vacation.
Open Kitchen Experience: Take a chance to be a part of this miracle! Their open kitchen configuration gives a space where you can watch at the talented chefs craft their menu masterpieces, making the dining experience even better.
Something for Everyone: Concerning the diversity of tastes, D Spot serves a lot of choices whether we are talking about classic desserts such as cakes and ice cream or more complex options like a waffle or a crepe depending on who you are. They list “haute chocolate belge la fourchette fine” as their strength and helps you to fully experience what luxury chocolate is.

Popular Meal at D Spot

The “Volcano”: The show must go to an outstanding brownie base topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, cream and milk. It’s a real explosion of flavor and excitement! The vibrancy of food and joy of sharing bring the gathering together.

The “Red Velvet Waffle”: Soft red velvet waffles are made even sweeter with the addition of white chocolate and strawberries drizzled across the plate, accompanied by whipped cream. It is exactly what cupcake lovers enjoy and it combines a sweet and sour taste.
The “Chocolate Symphony”: To all the sweet tooths out there! The dessert is created in a manner where it has layers of chocolate cake, mousse and finally the ganache that gives it a fancy feel and a decadent taste of chocolate.

Picked for you

Waffles and CrepeCAN$ 17.99
White Chocolate BrownieCAN$ 18.99
Ferrero Rocher®CAN$ 10.49
D Spots Classic StrawberryCAN$ 21.99
MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99

Dspot Signature Homemade Ice Cream

Mango Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Pistachio Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Rocky road Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
White Chocolate Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Red Velvet Cheesecake Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Nutella® Hazelnut Crunch Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Vanilla Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Strawberry Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Chocolate Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Salted Caramel Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Cotton Candy Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Birthday Cake Ice CreamCAN$ 8.49
Cookie Dough Ice CreamCAN$ 0

Twisted Tornadoes

Bounty®CAN$ 10.49
Reese’s® Peanut ButterCAN$ 10.49
Turtle®CAN$ 10.49
Rolo®CAN$ 10.49
Ferrero Rocher®CAN$ 10.49
Strawberry CheesecakeCAN$ 10.49
Chocolate Cheesecake SwirlCAN$ 10.49
Fudge Brownie MadnessCAN$ 10.49
Cookie DoughCAN$ 10.49
Smarties®CAN$ 10.49
Lotus®CAN$ 10.49
Mango BananaCAN$ 10.49
Birthday CakeCAN$ 0


SundaesCAN$ 8.99

Dspot Signature Shakes

MilkshakeCAN$ 10.99
My BFFCAN$ 11.99
BanangoCAN$ 11.99
Chocolate & BananaCAN$ 11.99
Nutella® MilkshakeCAN$ 11.99
Banoffee MilkshakeCAN$ 11.99
Belgian Milk Chocolate MilkshakeCAN$ 11.99
Belgian White Chocolate MilkshakeCAN$ 11.99
Belgian Dark Chocolate MilkshakeCAN$ 11.99
Together ForeverCAN$ 11.99
Rosy & NuttyCAN$ 11.99
Wake me up VanillaCAN$ 11.99
Pina Colada MilkshakeCAN$ 0

Chocolate Bar Shakes

Bounty® Chocolate Bar ShakeCAN$ 12.49
Reese’s® Peanut Butter ShakeCAN$ 12.49
Kinder Bueno® and White Chocolate ShakeCAN$ 12.49
Turtle® ShakeCAN$ 12.49
Skittles® MilkshakeCAN$ 12.49
Rolo® ShakeCAN$ 12.49
Ferrero® Rocher ShakeCAN$ 12.49
Smarties® MilkshakeCAN$ 12.49
Skor® MilkshakeCAN$ 12.49

Smoothies & Drinks

Strawberry Banana SmoothieCAN$ 8.99
Mango Banana SmoothieCAN$ 8.99
Stone Fruit LemonadeCAN$ 8.99
Mint LemonadeCAN$ 8.99
Strawberry LemonadeCAN$ 8.99
Strawberry Italian SodaCAN$ 8.49
Mango Italian SodaCAN$ 8.49
Pineapple Italian SodaCAN$ 8.49
Rasberry Italian SodaCAN$ 8.49

Cakes Slices

New York Style CheesecakeCAN$ 15.49
Red Velvet CakeCAN$ 15.49
Red Velvet CheesecakeCAN$ 15.49
Chocolate CakeCAN$ 15.49
Oreo® CheesecakeCAN$ 15.49
Pecan Caramel CheesecakeCAN$ 15.49
Carrot CakeCAN$ 15.49
Strawberry ShortcakeCAN$ 15.49
Hazelnut CheesecakeCAN$ 15.49
White Chocolate Lava CakeCAN$ 18.99
Sticky Toffee Butter CakeCAN$ 18.99
Tiramisu CheesecakeCAN$ 15.49

Funnel Cake

Nuts for PeanutsCAN$ 21.99
D Spots Classic StrawberryCAN$ 21.99
Chocolate HeavenCAN$ 21.99
Cookie MonsterCAN$ 21.99
Undercover NutCAN$ 21.99
Road TripCAN$ 21.99
Something to Talk AboutCAN$ 21.99
Warm and LovingCAN$ 21.99
RoyaltyCAN$ 21.99
Lotus® Toffee CrunchCAN$ 21.99

Funnel Fry Poutine

Strawberry DelightCAN$ 17.99
Cookie Butter HeavenCAN$ 17.99
Fudge & Caramel ConcoctionCAN$ 17.99
D Spot Funnel FriesCAN$ 13.99
Create Your Own Funnel PoutineCAN$ 17.99

Waffle or Crepe Menu

Waffles and CrepeCAN$ 17.99

Signature Belgian Creations Menu

Dream Come TrueCAN$ 26.99
A Sweet TreatCAN$ 22.99
My Crepe Ate your brownieCAN$ 26.49
Hidden GemCAN$ 26.99
CookieliciousCAN$ 28.99
Enlighten MeCAN$ 25.99
Chill To The ConeCAN$ 21.99
Divide & ConquerCAN$ 24.99
Hit D SpotCAN$ 32.99

Whole Cakes Menu

New York Style Cheesecake WholeCAN$ 85
Pecan Caramel Cheesecake WholeCAN$ 85
Hazelnut (Ferrero®) Cheesecake WholeCAN$ 90
Red Velvet Cheesecake WholeCAN$ 90
Oreo Cheesecake WholeCAN$ 90
Red Velvet Cake WholeCAN$ 85
Chocolate Cake WholeCAN$ 85
Carrot Cake WholeCAN$ 85
Strawberry Shortcake WholeCAN$ 85

Foodie Tips for D Spot

Sharing is Caring: D Spot’s partsize is large, so if you must share a dessert with a buddy to taste more tart, the variety will allow you.
Go During Off-Peak Hours: The D Spot may turn badly packed on hustling weekend. Choose a non-peak time to avoid long lines of people. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force shaping the future of work.
Explore the Menu: Do not fret about if you would fit in or not, and try new things. However, this could also be the place you envisage your all-time favorite!

While they don’t have a separate devoted vegan menu, they do have fruit based desserts as well as sorbets which meet the veganism requirements. It is well advisable to find out the precise dietary restrictions from the staff. Alway inquire specially.

No, there are no reservations at D Spot. Seating is first-come, first-served.

From its first outlet in Toronto, D Spot now has locations all over the Great White North. They have a full list of their areas available on the website.

Therefore, when you get that craving for a yummy made up treat, then that is the time when you just go check out D Spot to experience their uniquely wonderful creations. Keep in mind that sharing is encouraged, check the menu and avoid missing the website section which contains all locations and up to date info. This is all about D Spot Dessert Cafe Menu & prices in Canada.

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