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Five Guys Menu & Prices in Canada – 2024

Five Guys Menu & Prices in Canada
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Five Guys is a famous American fast-frequently chain restaurant that has become popular because of its delicious burgers and fries. The brand relies on three basic principles – using the best quality ingredients, offering options for customization and a simple menu that concentrates on classics. Here’s a brief overview and Five Guys Menu & Prices in Canada.

History and Brand

Five Guys was established in 1986 by Jerry Murrell and his wife Janie with their sons in Arlington, Virginia. The brand’s simple philosophy was to deliver fresh, quality ingredients with a limited menu that included burgers, hot dogs, fries and beverages. The emphasis on quality and simplicity was appealing to customers, making the brand quickly become popular.

Popular Meals at Five Guys

Five Guys Burger: The highlight of the menu is these burgers made from fresh, never-thawed beef and that can be prepared with a large number of toppings.

Five Guys Burger

Cajun Fries: Five Guys is known for its hand-cut fries and the Cajun seasoning gives it a perfect spicy flavor.

Cajun Fries

Hot Dogs: Finally, Five Guys’ hotdogs are charcoal-grilled to perfection and serve as a popular classic option of fast food.

Hot Dogs

Milkshakes: Enjoy different flavors of milkshakes, which were prepared with ice cream and supplemented by various mix-ins.


Little Bacon Cheeseburger: A mini version of the conventional bacon cheeseburger for those with modest appetite.

Little Bacon Cheeseburger

Five Guys Menu & Prices in Canada


Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 11.21
MilkshakeCAN$ 7.35
Large FriesCAN$ 7.23
Little Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 9.12
Regular FriesCAN$ 6.08


HamburgerCAN$ 9.65
CheeseburgerCAN$ 10.8
Bacon BurgerCAN$ 10.8
Bacon CheeseburgerCAN$ 11.21
Little HamburgerCAN$ 7.69
Little CheeseburgerCAN$ 8.84


Kosher Style Hot DogCAN$ 6.54
Cheese DogCAN$ 7.58
Bacon DogCAN$ 7.58
Bacon Cheese DogCAN$ 8.5


Grilled Cheese SandwichCAN$ 6.31
Bacon Grilled Cheese SandwichCAN$ 7.46
BLT SandwichCAN$ 6.08
BLT With Cheese SandwichCAN$ 7.23

Fries Menu

Little FriesCAN$ 4.93
Regular FriesCAN$ 6.08
Large FriesCAN$ 7.23
Little Cajun FriesCAN$ 4.93
Regular Cajun FriesCAN$ 6.08
Large Cajun FriesCAN$ 7.23

Drinks Menu

Coca-Cola® 500mL BottleCAN$ 3.29
Diet Coke® 500mL BottleCAN$ 3.29
Canada Dry® Ginger Ale 500 mL BottleCAN$ 3.29
Root Beer® 500 mL BottleCAN$ 3.29
Sprite® 500 mL BottleCAN$ 3.29
Vitamin Water Mult-v Lemonade 591mL BottleCAN$ 3.29

Shakes Menu

MilkshakeCAN$ 7.35

Tips for Foodies at Five Guys

Customization is Key: One of Five Guys’ strengths is the ability for you to customize your meal. Do not hesitate to finish with your favourite options and produce a burger or hotdog that satisfy you.

Fresh Ingredients: Five Guys ensures that it uses fresh and high quality ingredients. Savor the freshness in each bite.

Shareable Portions: In Five Guys portions are large. Try dividing a large order of fries into two, for it is usually sufficient for both.

FAQs about Five Guys

Are the Burgers Fresh? Indeed, Five Guys utilizes fresh and non-frozen beef for its burgers.

Do They Offer Vegetarian Options?

Although the emphasis is on burgers and hot dogs, Five guys does have a veggie sandwich and grilled cheese for vegetarians.

Can I Customize My Order?

Absolutely! Customers at Five Guys can customize their burgers by requesting additional toppings that come free of charge.

What is so unique about the Five Guys fries?

The fries are hand-sliced and cooked in real peanut oil, which gives them a distinct taste.

Are There Healthier Options? 

While Five Guys is popular for their decadent options, you can still make your meal a little less indulgent by removing some toppings or ordering it in a smaller size.

The strength of Five Guys lies in its emphasis on simplicity, quality and customization making it a favorite among burger lovers.

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