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OPA! of Greece Menu & Prices in Canada – 2024

OPA! of Greece Menu & Prices in Canada
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OPA! Greece Restaurant is an internationally famous restaurant chain that offers greek food. We will discuss here OPA! of Greece Menu & Prices in Canada. The brand has become known for its tasty Mediterranean cuisine and lively dining atmosphere. Here’s a brief overview:

OPA! of Greece Menu & Prices in Canada

OPA! The traditions of Greece have their origins in the tastes of Greek. The brand is dedicated to providing a genuine Greek dining experience for its customers. It has grown its presence by providing a bit of Greece in different places.

Popular Meals at OPA! of Greece Menu

Gyros: A Greek dish of meat, typically beef or lamb cooked on a vertical rotisserie. It is usually eaten with pita bread and complemented by tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce.

OPA Gyros

Souvlaki: Meat skewers, which are often accompanied by pita bread, tomatoes, onions and tzatziki sauce.

OPA Souvlaki

Moussaka: Baked casserole with eggplant, minced meat and béchamel sauce.

OPA Moussaka

Spanakopita: An appetizing pastry that is stuffed with spinach, feta cheese and herbs in layers of phyllo dough.

OPA Spanakopita

Greek Salad: A delicious combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and feta cheese in a sauce made with olive oil and herbs.

Greek Salad

OPA! of Greece Menu & Prices in Canada


OPA! Platter MealCAN$ 14.95
Souvlaki and Salad MealCAN$ 13.19
Pita Wrap MealCAN$ 13.69
Calamari and Salad MealCAN$ 15.15


OPA! Platter ComboCAN$ 17.25
Pita Wrap Meal ComboCAN$ 15.99
Souvlaki and Salad ComboCAN$ 15.49
Low Carb Santorini Salad ComboCAN$ 15.25
Low Carb Greek Salad ComboCAN$ 15.25
Low Carb Caesar Salad ComboCAN$ 15.25
Calamari and Salad Meal ComboCAN$ 17.45
Olympus Rice Bowl ComboCAN$ 12.39
Olympus Fry Bowl ComboCAN$ 12.39


Santorini SaladCAN$ 8.25
Greek SaladCAN$ 8.25
Caesar SaladCAN$ 8.25
Low Carb Santorini SaladCAN$ 12.97
Low Carb Greek SaladCAN$ 12.97
Low Carb Caesar SaladCAN$ 12.97

Olympus Bowls

Rice BowlCAN$ 10.09
Fry BowlCAN$ 10.09


Pita WrapCAN$ 9.65
CalamariCAN$ 12.55
Falafel Snack BitesCAN$ 5.25

Kids Meal

Kids’ MealCAN$ 7.99
Kids’ Grilled Cheese MealCAN$ 6.69


OPA! FriesCAN$ 5.25
Hummus and PitaCAN$ 4.75
Tzatziki and Pita BreadCAN$ 4.15
Souvlaki SkewerCAN$ 5.35
Greek Roasted PotatoesCAN$ 4.39
Rice PilafCAN$ 4.39

Opa Extras Menu

TzatzikiCAN$ 1.55
HummusCAN$ 1.55

Beverages Menu

Dasani Bottled WaterCAN$ 3.05
Canned PopCAN$ 2.85
Bottled Nestea Lemon Iced TeaCAN$ 3.45
Minute Maid JuiceCAN$ 3.45

Tips for Foodies

Try the Classics: Begin with the classic Greek dishes of Moussaka, Souvlaki or Gyros to appreciate its real flavors.

Explore Vegetarian Options: There are many tasty vegetarian dishes that this kind of cuisine presents; spanakopita and Greek salad is an example.

Pair with Greek Wines: Improve your dining pleasure by serving a glass of Greek wine along with the meal. Wine is deeply rooted in Greek culture.

Save Room for Dessert: Indulge yourself with a sweet delicacy such as Baklava or Loukoumades to satisfy your craving for something sugary.

Have a delectable trip at OPA! of Greece!

FAQs on OPA! of Greece Menu in Canada

What makes OPA! of Greece unique?

OPA! In terms of Greece’s stand out from the rest in its pursuit to offer an authentic Greek dining experience by using quality ingredients and traditional recipes.

Are there vegetarian options available?

Yes, OPA! Greece provides vegetarian options such as Spanakopita and Greek Salad.

Can I customize my meal?

Several menu items are available for customization to make you feel comfortable. You may request for revisions.

Is OPA! of Greece a global brand?

OPA! The Greeks’ has now spread itself to several places of the world, taking along with it delicacies from Greece.

Do they offer catering services?

OPA! Greece can provide catering services in events. It is advisable to find out from your local OPA. of Greece restaurant for details.

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