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King Tandoori Menu & Prices in Canada – 2024

King Tandoori Menu & Prices in Canada
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King Tandoori has become a famous culinary brand that boasts of rich history in the world of cuisines due to irresistible Indian dishes. This popularity can be attributed to the brand’s use of authentic flavors, quality products, and diverse food options. In this way, let us take a look at some of the common dishes served up on King Tandoori Menu & Prices in Canada in 2024.

King Tandoori

Popular Meals from King Tandoori Menu

Chicken Tikka Masala

A delicious dish made with chunks of grilled chicken in a tomato- based curry.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Tandoori Lamb Chops

Tandoori Lamb Chops

Tandoor-cooked lamb chops marinated using aromatic spices.

Paneer Butter Masala

Paneer Butter Masala

A vegetarian treat, this dish features chewy chunks of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) bathed in a tomato-based curry.

Garlic Naan

Garlic Naan

Soft and fluffy Indian bread, which is made with garlic to soak up the wonderful curries.


Basmati rice, spices and herbs cooked with a choice of chicken lamb or vegetables.

King Tandoori Menu & Prices in Canada

Most popular

Chicken biryaniCAN$ 12
Butter chicken large.CAN$ 15
Veg ThaliCAN$ 12
Dal makhni largeCAN$ 15
Shahi paneer LargeCAN$ 15


Pneer pakoraCAN$ 12
Channa BhaturaCAN$ 12
Fish pakoraCAN$ 12
French friesCAN$ 5
SoupCAN$ 10
Chicken LolipopCAN$ 15
Chilli LambCAN$ 15
EggCAN$ 15
Soya ChaapCAN$ 15
GobiCAN$ 15
Chilli ChickenCAN$ 15
Veg ManchurianCAN$ 15
Chicken NoodlesCAN$ 15

Lunch Specials

Rool with PopCAN$ 12
Chicken tikka rollCAN$ 12
Lamb RollCAN$ 12
Fish RollCAN$ 12
Veggie RollCAN$ 12
Meat ThaliCAN$ 12
Veg ThaliCAN$ 12

Tandoori Non-vegetarian

Tandoori chicken fullCAN$ 22
Mint chicken tikkaCAN$ 14
Reshmi tikkaCAN$ 16
Chicken tikkaCAN$ 16
Chicken kebabCAN$ 14
Chicken legCAN$ 4
Lamb seek kebabCAN$ 16
Tandoori shrimpCAN$ 20
Tandoori grouper fishCAN$ 18
Bater (Quail)CAN$ 6
Chicken seekh kababCAN$ 16
Lamb ChopsCAN$ 22

Tandoori Vegetarian

Pneer tikkaCAN$ 12
Tandoori soya champCAN$ 14
Tandoori GobiCAN$ 12
Tandoori soya chaap (creamy)CAN$ 14
Tandoori AlooCAN$ 12

Vegetarian curry

Shahi paneer LargeCAN$ 15
Pneer tikka maslaCAN$ 15
Malai kofta LargeCAN$ 15
Malai soya champ largeCAN$ 15
Palak paneer largeCAN$ 15
Channa masala.largeCAN$ 15
Mutter paneer largeCAN$ 15
Kadai pneerCAN$ 15
Pneeer bhurjiCAN$ 15
Saag largeCAN$ 15
Mix vegetables largeCAN$ 15
Dal makhni largeCAN$ 15
Yellow DalCAN$ 15

Non-vegetarian curry Goat/Fish

Chicken kemma mutter largeCAN$ 15
Lamb Kemma mutter largeCAN$ 15
Butter chicken large.CAN$ 15
Chicken tikka masalaCAN$ 15
Madras chicken largeCAN$ 15
Vindallo chicken largeCAN$ 15
Kadyi chicken largeCAN$ 15
Saag chicken largeCAN$ 15
Korma chicken largeCAN$ 15
Shrimp masala largeCAN$ 15
Malai Keema Mutter-chicken and lambCAN$ 15
Chicken curryCAN$ 15
Egg CuryCAN$ 15


Plain riceCAN$ 5
Jeera riceCAN$ 7
Jeera PulaoCAN$ 7
Chicken biryaniCAN$ 12
Veg-biryaniCAN$ 12
Shrimp BiryaniCAN$ 12
Lamb BiryaniCAN$ 12
Veg Fried RiceCAN$ 10
Chicken Fried RiceCAN$ 10
Egg Fried RiceCAN$ 10

Bread lovers

Butter naan(roti)CAN$ 3
Garlic naan(roti).CAN$ 4
Chilli naan(roti).CAN$ 4
Chicken naan.CAN$ 6
Lachha parartha.CAN$ 6
Alo paratha (kulcha).CAN$ 6
Muli paratha(kulcha).CAN$ 6
Pneer paratha(kulcha).CAN$ 6
Onion paratha(kulcha).CAN$ 6
Gobi paratha.CAN$ 6


Green salad.CAN$ 6
RaitaCAN$ 5
Veg RaitaCAN$ 5
Plain yogurtCAN$ 4
Onion SaladCAN$ 4


Sweet/salty lassiCAN$ 6
Mango lassiCAN$ 5
Mango shakeCAN$ 6
Lemon sodaCAN$ 6
PopCAN$ 2
Water bottleCAN$ 2
CoffeeCAN$ 5
Cold coffeeCAN$ 6
Hot milkCAN$ 5
Mango JuiceCAN$ 3
PopCAN$ 2
Masala TeaCAN$ 3

Chinese corner

NoodlesCAN$ 12
ManchuriaCAN$ 15
Chicken lollipopCAN$ 15
Crispy vegCAN$ 15
ChilliCAN$ 15
Fried riceCAN$ 12
Chilli paneerCAN$ 15
Chilli chickenCAN$ 15


Gulab Jamun (2 pcs)CAN$ 4
Gajar HalwaCAN$ 6

Tips for Foodies

Explore the Tandoor Section: King Tandoori is famous for their tandoor dishes. Don’t lose the opportunity to taste wide choices of tandoori kebabs and bread.
Pairing Recommendations: Experiment with different combinations. For instance, combine spicy curry with cooling raita or lassi to counter the intensity of flavors.
Customization: A lot of dishes on the menu can be individualized depending upon preference to spices. Feel free to request your preferred level of spiciness.
Dessert Delights: End your meal with Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun or Mango Kulfi for a perfect dessert.

FAQs about King Tandoori Menu

What sets King Tandoori apart from other Indian restaurants?

What makes King Tandoori unique is the fact that it uses authentic spices, traditional ways of cooking food such as tandoor and a menu accessible both to meat eaters and vegetarians.

Is there any vegetarian food on the menu?

Absolutely! Vegetarian dishes of King Tandoori include Paneer Butter Masala and a range of vegetable curries.

Can I ask you to adjust the spiciness of my meals?

Yes, all dishes can be modified to fit your level of spiciness. Do not hesitate to let your waiter know about the spice you want.

What are the signature drinks or sides that accompany these meals?

For pairing, traditional Indian drinks such as mango lassi or masala chai and side dishes like garlic naan accompany the main courses very well.

On your next visit to King Tandoori, try a combination of the mentioned popular dishes and stick through these simple tips for an unforgettable delight.

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