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Mr. Sub Menu & Prices in Canada – 2024

Mr. Sub Menu & Prices in Canada
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For decades, MR.SUB has been a big name in the fast-food industry as one of the leading manufacturers and retailers of submarine sandwiches. We will discuss Mr. Sub Menu & Prices in Canada. The brand is known for allowing fresh and quality ingredients in its menu items. Here’s a brief overview of why MR.SUB is famous, along with some popular meals and tips for foodies:
MR.SUB has become a renowned brand for several reasons: The history of MR.SUB is very rich, as it opened its first store in Toronto City, Canada back in 1968 years ago. The brand has always remained committed to offering delicious and filling submarine sandwiches.

Mr. Sub Menu & Prices in Canada

Quality Ingredients: MR.SUB is highly regarded for the fresh and premium ingredients used in its sandwiches, which makes it a pleasant dining spot.
Diverse Menu: The menu has submarine sandwiches, salads, and wraps aimed at satisfying different tastes.

Popular Meals at MR.SUB

Here are some popular meals that patrons often enjoy:

Classic Italian BMT: An interesting mix of Italian meats, cheese and fresh vegetables.

Classic Italian BMT

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap: In a soft tortilla are grilled chicken, crispy bacon and creamy ranch dressing.

Chicken Bacon Ranch Wrap

Veggie Deluxe Sub: A mouthwatering vegetarian dish full of fresh vegetables and rich sauces.

Veggie Deluxe Sub

Mr. Sub Menu & Prices in Canada


Menu ItemPrice
Creole Chicken & Mango Chutney MeltCAN$ 9.5
Italian MeltCAN$ 7.49
Chipotle BBQ Pulled Pork MeltCAN$ 9.5
Bacon, Maple & Pulled Turkey MeltCAN$ 9.95


Menu ItemPrice
AssortedCAN$ 7.04
Assorted ComboCAN$ 10.39


Menu ItemPrice
Steak & CheeseCAN$ 9.18
Steak & Cheese ComboCAN$ 12.53
Ultimate ClubCAN$ 9.18
Louisiana Pepper ChickenCAN$ 9.18
Ultimate Club ComboCAN$ 12.53
Louisiana Pepper Chicken ComboCAN$ 12.53


Menu ItemPrice
Canadian ClubCAN$ 8.96
Canadian Club ComboCAN$ 12.31
Spicy Breaded ChickenCAN$ 8.96
Grilled ChickenCAN$ 8.96
Breaded ChickenCAN$ 8.96
Spicy Breaded Chicken ComboCAN$ 12.31
Grilled Chicken ComboCAN$ 12.31

Gardein™ Mighty Meatless / Tex Mex Black Bean Subs

Menu ItemPrice
Gardein™ Meatless MeatballsCAN$ 8.57
Gardein™ Meatless Meatballs ComboCAN$ 11.92
Tex Mex Black BeanCAN$ 8.57
Tex-Mex Black Bean ComboCAN$ 11.92

Protein Packed

Menu ItemPrice
TurkeyCAN$ 8.12
Turkey ComboCAN$ 11.47
Albacore TunaCAN$ 8.12
Roast Beef & CheddarCAN$ 8.12
SeafoodCAN$ 8.12
BLTCAN$ 8.12
Albacore Tuna ComboCAN$ 11.47


Menu ItemPrice
MeatballCAN$ 7.83
Smoked MeatCAN$ 8.46
Double Stacked Smoked MeatCAN$ 11.13
Double Stacked Smoked Meat ComboCAN$ 14.48
Meatball ComboCAN$ 11.18
Smoked Meat ComboCAN$ 11.81


Menu ItemPrice
AssortedCAN$ 7.04
Assorted ComboCAN$ 10.39
PizzaCAN$ 6.93
HamCAN$ 6.93
Italian SalamiCAN$ 6.93
Veggie & CheeseCAN$ 6.71
Pizza ComboCAN$ 10.28

Specialty Wraps

Menu ItemPrice
Peppery Chicken CaesarCAN$ 9.52
Peppery Chicken Caesar ComboCAN$ 12.87
Southwest Thai ChickenCAN$ 9.3
Chipotle Turkey & BaconCAN$ 9.3
Southwest Thai Chicken ComboCAN$ 12.65
Chipotle Turkey & Bacon ComboCAN$ 12.65

On The Side

Menu ItemPrice
Pickle SpearsCAN$ 2.06
ChipsCAN$ 2.06
CookieCAN$ 1.14
Homestyle Double Chocolate BrownieCAN$ 2.4

Entrée Salads Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Greek SaladCAN$ 7.27
Garden SaladCAN$ 7.27
Caesar SaladCAN$ 7.27
Greek Salad ComboCAN$ 10.62
Garden Salad ComboCAN$ 10.62

Kids Meal Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Assorted Sub Kids MealCAN$ 6.71
Ham Sub Kids MealCAN$ 6.71
Turkey Sub Kids MealCAN$ 6.71

Thirst Quenchers Menu

Menu ItemPrice
Lime BublyCAN$ 2.06
Blackberry BublyCAN$ 2.06
Canned Pop (355 ml)CAN$ 2.06
Bottled Soft Drinks (591 ml)CAN$ 2.98
Cool Blue Gatorade (591 ml)CAN$ 3.55
Pure Leaf Lemon Iced TeaCAN$ 3.44
Dole Juice (450 ml)CAN$ 2.29

Tips for Foodies at MR.SUB

For an enhanced MR.SUB experience, consider the following tips:

Customization: Feel free to customize your order with the extra choices of your preferred condiments and toppings.
Freshness Matters: But freshness is an important factor of MR.SUB’s attractiveness that evaporates quickly upon purchase, so be sure to consume your meal right away for optimal taste.
Explore the Menu: MR.SUB provides a variety of sandwiches, and trying different sandwich combinations can help you find new tastes that match your preferences

FAQs about MR.SUB Menu

Is MR.SUB a global brand?

Although MR.SUB was founded in Canada, it has grown to an international brand with outlets across several countries

Is the menu healthy for people?

Yes, MR.SUB provides healthier options such as salads and wraps made of fresh produce..

Could I place an online order for delivery?

Some MR.SUB outlets offer internet ordering and delivery services for ease of use.

Remember when looking for specific menu items and promotions to check at local MR.SUB locations since offerings might differ depending on the location. Enjoy your MR.SUB experience!

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